Lattice Crawler Crane LMI Computer



  • Centralised information on one screen
  • Colour screen
  • High resolution LCD Screen readable in direct sunlight
  • Night mode images
  • Operator selected units
  • m/te, m/kg, ft/klbs, ft/tons, ft/long tons, ft/lbs
  • Camera input ready (only available on 4507 & 4510)
  • Engineered to fit all applications
  • Multilingual interface for international use
  • Choice of 10 languages
  • Tactile button interface with simple intuitive icons
  • Compatible with many CAN bus sensors
  • Compatible with both wireless and wired sensors
  • Load chart, software and calibration file with transfer via USB stick
  • CAN bus communication link
  • Utilising top quality Deutsch connectors and industry standard M12 5 pin connections
  • Quick and easy to install and calibrate
  • Ultra fast calibration using pre-entered weight data for all attachments
  • Compliant with current international standards
  • Self diagnostic mode
  • Fault log
  • Event recorder
  • Optional Datalogger
  • Inbuilt operator audible and visual warnings
Recent Crane LMI Computer Projects
We have provided LMI computer replacement options and/or parts for hundreds of customers over the years.  Here are a few of the most recent lattice crawler complete LMI computer replacement system jobs.  Most of these jobs involve the replacement of an aging PAT DS350 Vertical LMI system that has become unreliable however the crane itself is in great shape and continues to be used.  Some of our customers come to us without any LMI on their crane and we work with them to get a complete new system for them.
Link Belt HC248H
  • Full replacement of old PAT DS350
  • New graphical display
  • Load on main line
  • Anti Two Block on main line
  • Wind speed sensor at boom tip
  • Full load chart programming
  • Full lockout capabilities
Project Overview
This customer is a large concrete construction provide in the mid Atlantic east coast region.  They approached BTS about a replacement for their PAT DS350 Vertical RCI console.  Unfortunately the lead time to get a replacement from Europe was about 4 months and cost around $15,000.   The customer was not able to wait that long, nor did it make any sense to spend that amount of money to replace one component of such an aging system.  In the end we were able to provide a complete new RCI system to them for less than the price it would have cost for the replacement display.
Sumitomo SC500
  • Complete new crane comptuer
  • Wired linerider load on main line
  • Wireless anti two block at boom tip
  • Wireless wind speed at boom tip
  • Full load chart programming
  • Full lockout capabilities
Project Overview
This customer provides steel erection, precast concrete structures, and concrete pours in the south.  They needed a complete new installation for this lattice crawler crane.  This was a simple installation with display and linerider for load as well as wireless anti two block and windspeed at the boom tip.  This system will provide the owner years of simple and safe crane computer operation.
Lattice Crawler Crane LMI Computer System Description
This lattice crawler crane LMI computer replacement system has been developed to meet global regulations and standards. Whether 4500 used for a simple or complex application, it maintains simple display of information with user intuitive menus for easy operation.

The i4500 series is one of the first systems in the world capable of utilizing both wired and wireless sensors in the same network

The i4500 LMI computer system is a computerized crane monitoring system designed to help the operator to safely operate the crane and to respect the maximum load authorized by the crane manufacturer.

The i4500 monitoring system automatically monitors the load lifted by the crane and constantly compares it with the maximum load allowed for each position. The display of the system allows the operator to see continuous information related to the actual load lifted by the crane. It also warns the operator when he approaches the limit or goes over the capacity of the crane.

The system has sensors installed on the machine in order to measure or verify:
  • The boom angle
  • The hook load
  • The two-block condition (A2B)

The lattice crane computer system takes this information to check overload conditions and to measure the operating radius and the crane capacity. A slew sensor (optional) can also be installed to measure the boom position (on 360 degrees) and give extra information to the operator. The display is located inside the operator’s cab to provide an easy access to the information. All the sensors are linked through a CAN bus network (Controlled Area Network).
The actual load is expressed as a percentage of the permitted load (maximum load or safe working load - % SWL). If this percentage exceeds a preset value, alarms and safety functions are activated. The required crane duty charts are stored in a non-volatile memory and can only be modified with the approval of the crane manufacturer. The calculated crane parameters and calibration data are stored in an additional non-volatile memory.

The i4500 display in this lattice crane LMI computer system has been developed to meet the ever demanding regulations and standards of the crane and lifting industry while maintaining simple, clear information for the operator.

Using a full color display in 4.3” screen size means there is always an option to suit your requirements. This coupled with self-diagnostics, operator usability, and ease of calibration keeps the i4500 series ahead of the competition. The systems use the CAN bus J1939 protocol to communicate with each interface, constantly monitoring all the cranes sensors to give clear accurate information to the operator, the CAN bus network also allows huge amounts of flexibility allowing you to add or remove sensors when required at any time throughout the life of the equipment.

This lattice crawler LMI replacement system has been developed with your crane in mind, please reach out to us for a complete quote for your system.
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Continuous display of Load, Hoist, Parts of line, Radius, boom length, boom angle and % of maximum capacity
  • Operator adjustable low, high angle, length, height and radius limits
  • Full lockout capabilities if installed on your crane
  • Audible and visual alarms indicating two-block, load limit conditions
  • Diagnostic menu and continuous error detection and recording
  • Selectable units metric or US
Technical Data
  • Display Size 4.3 inch diagonal  3.66" x 7.80" x 1.65"
  • Screen Resolution 480 x 272
  • Operating Temperature -4 to 158 degrees Farenheit
  • Extended Temperature -40 to 158 degrees Farenheit
  • Supply Voltage 11 to 36 volts DC
  • Display Rating IP67
  • Accuracy Rating SAE J159
  • USB file transfer
  • Multi-Language: English, Spanish, French
Lattice Crawler Crane LMI Computer
Individual components in a typical replacement computer system
4.3" Full Color Display
CAN-Bus I/O Computer Interface
Linerider / Dynometer
Wireless Anti Two Block
LMI Computer Sensor Options
  • Load
  • Angle
  • Relay controller
  • Extension
  • Over hoist input (ATB)
  • Boom tip wind speed
  • XY chassis angle
  • Slew encoder
  • Camera inputs
  • Data logger
  • Virtual wall range limiting
  • Outrigger position monitoring
  • Travel monitoring
  • Hook height monitoring
  • Rope pay-out monitoring
  • CAN bus wireless gateway (868Mhz or 915Mhz)
Experts in the LMI Crane Computer Industry
The founder of BTS has been in the LMI crane computer industry since 1984 as an engineer at PAT-CTI in England, then as a founding team member of PAT Hirschmann in Chambersburg PA, and later as an independent business owner specializing in complex service repairs on large Demag and Liebherr cranes.  BTS technicians have completed work all over the US, South America, Africa, and Europe.  Our customer base truly does span the entire globe
As experts in the crane LMI computer industry, BTS has often been asked to publish advice in Crane & Rigging Hot Line magazine
Wiring & Insulation Issues
Addressing two key issues of insulation and wire gauge on live wires in the crane computer LMI system.  Especially prone to neglect are wires and cables that run between the sensors and the main console / central unit computer.  Over years of weather exposure there can be significant deterioration that results in incorrect sensor readings and unreliable error code messages
RaycoWylie Remote Access Capable
About LMI Load Moment Indicators / Crane Computers
A Load Moment Indicator LMI system for mobile cranes operates on the principle of reference/real comparison. The real value, resulting from the pressure measurement and geometric sensors, is compared with the reference data stored in the central processor memory and is evaluated in he microprocessor. An analog indication of % capacity is displayed via the mobile crane operator’s console. When limits are reached, an overload warning signal is generated. At the same time, the crane movements that increase load moment such as hoist down, telescope out, and boom down will be locked out.  The fixed data regarding the crane, such as dimensional data, capacity charts, boom weights, and centers of gravity are stored in memory chips in the central processor unit. This data is the reference information used to calculate the operating conditions.  Boom length and boom angle are registered by the length/angle sensor, located inside the cable reel, mounted on the boom. The boom length is measured by the cable reel cable, which also serves as an electrical conductor for the anti-two- block switch.  The crane load is measured by pressure transducers attached to the piston and rod side of the lift cylinder.  Controls on the operator’s console allow the operator to select the operating mode (main boom, jib, etc.) as well as the parts of the line currently in use. The system will then limit operation to the capacities on the selected load chart, or the maximum permissible line pull in that configuration.  After the engine is started and the PTO is engaged, the LMI powers up and conducts an automatic test of the complete system.  After two successful system tests without errors, the system is ready for operation. In case of a system error, both the overload and anti-two-block lights on the central unit will illuminate.  The interactive user guidance considerably simplifies the input of operating modes as well as the setting of geometry limit values

The LMI is an operational aid that warns a mobile crane operator of approaching overload conditions and over hoist conditions that could cause damage to equipment and personnel.  The device is not, and shall not, be a substitute for good operator judgment, experience and use of accepted safe crane operating procedures.  The responsibility for the safe mobile crane operation shall remain with the crane operator who shall ensure that all warnings and instructions supplied are fully understood and observed.  Prior to operating the crane, the operator must carefully and thoroughly read and understand the information in this manual to ensure that he knows the operation and limitations of indicator and crane.  Proper functioning depends upon proper daily inspection and observance of the operating instructions set forth in the operators manual
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